Year 6 Primary School Programme

Preparing for change

Through our extensive work within secondary school education over the past five years we have seen the challenges students face. A new environment, routine, different social circles and exposure to potential risks are amongst the many issues which can come up during this time.

It became clear to us that how they prepare for this change and take care of themselves in this transitionary period has a huge impact on their overall experience.

Prevention & awareness

Prevention and awareness is at the core of everything WHYSUP do and our approach here is no different. We have developed a Year 6 Primary School Programme which will help to prepare students for the transition to high school and better equip them for the challenges they face.

The Programme is a series of interactive lessons utilising secondary school students sharing their own experiences which will cover a number of relevant topics and give them the ability to take care of themselves along the way.

Included within the programme is an introduction to students and teachers, lesson guides for staff and classroom resources including activities and worksheets.

School Login

Mark and Liam came to AO as part of our events for Stress Awareness Month. They told over 100 of our AO’ers their stories about dealing with addiction and how important it is to seek help when you need it. Our AO’ers were absolutely captivated by their stories and we received some amazing feedback about the events. We’re looking forward to having them back in in the near future, and we’d highly recommend them to similar organisations.

Sean Peters, AO.Com

The delivery is direct, but also sensitive and works incredibly well across a very diverse workforce.

I could not recommend Whysup enough, if you genuinely want to educate your team!

Paul Shannon, CEO

We invited Whysup to our annual stakeholder event at the House of Commons in November 2017. Whysup were invited as a key note speaker for the day. Whysup delivered exactly what we had hoped for, giving a powerful presentation that provided the audience with the insight into how positive changes have been implemented in recovery. We thank Whysup for their time and for sharing a lived experience at the event, making it both meaningful and a worthwhile speech. Whysup’s speech was the highlight of our event.

Adele Duncan, Chief Executive
Gordon Moody Association

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