Underlining Mental Health & Addiction

Raising awareness through lived experience

What we do

We are here to raise awareness and increase understanding around mental health and addiction. We actively promote and encourage good wellbeing through our work!

The success of your business depends on the wellbeing of your workforce.

Working with students, staff and parents to deliver an engaging real world education.

We use the team environment to help players and key stakeholders support each other.

Who we are

WHYSUP – an organisation that is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of addiction and mental health. Offering bespoke presentations, workshops and mentoring programmes to education, businesses and rehabilitation centres. Using our team of lived experience facilitators, we help others gain a better understanding of addiction and mental health and equip audiences with the emotional and practical tools they need to help themselves or someone else.


Wellbeing has been around for some time, but simply talking about it is not enough anymore.

Working environments have changed, teams are now working differently and interaction has been impacted. A person’s professional performance is dramatically affected by what is happening out side of their working hours and what they are experiencing personally.

Our positive & practical monthly wellbeing program, Wellbeing with Whysup, can help you and your employees to promote good wellbeing, to encourage open discussion and offer support.

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