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A small positive action can have a huge benefit

Public Speaking

Let’s start speaking out about addiction and prevent others suffering in silence.

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‘Real’ and informative presentations, relaying personal experiences to give a unique perspective on the impact of addiction.

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A detailed insight into everyday addiction. We encourage interaction and create a safe space to ask anything, We challenge stereotypes and preconceptions.

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For those who may need assistance and have no existing support, we can share our experience and what worked for us – we can guide you on route to treatment / recovery.

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WHYSUP in Business
Does your business support employee mental health and wellbeing?

Understanding the link between addiction and stress, breaking barriers and spotting the signs of people at risk, can be the single most important measure any business can take!

WHYSUP in Education
Schools, Colleges & Universities

We offer a preventative addiction awareness service. Targeting and engaging young people through presentations and interactive sessions.

WHYSUP in Sports
Supporting team work on and off the pitch!

This is a unique environment. It contains people from all walks of life who choose to become a collective team, enabling us to deliver a powerful message.

Underlining Addictions
By underlining our addictions, we acknowledge, accept and understand.

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A decision is often all it takes to make a change


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A decision is often all it takes to make a change

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