Bad weekend... we all have em!
Published in Mark and Liam on May 13, 2019 by WHYSUP 

We offer advice, try to provide inspiration and display apositive persona but alongside all that we have all the usual ups and downslike anyone else.

This week’s YouTube referenced our respective weekends andwhat we have had going on.

Whilst there was no disasters, we didn’t use or gamble weeach had a tough one.

Mark has had some things to deal with, has fallen out of his routine a little, was run down and felt this mentally and with his health.

I felt the full effect of being a dad and having three young ‘wilful’ children. To the point where my plans for a nice bank holiday were cut short and my expectations were smashed!! In fact the picture here was such a blag, two of the kids were mid tears and Bridget is actually throwing a wobbler on the floor as we took it!! Ha ha 


As much as our message and work needs to be heard, it’s equally important we tell you about the day to day issues we deal with. Not because it makes us martyrs but because it makes us normal, it is evidence that we still have the day to day issues anyone else has. How we deal with it all is not unusual but we do deal with it, we don’t go backward and sometimes all someone needs to hear is the fact that another person is having the same issue be it big or small.

For those of us in recovery or trying to find it, it is important to hear that the ups and downs of life don’t equate to excuses, areason or justification to revert back to old behaviour.

So we had a bad weekend, so I was emotional, so I questioned my ability as a father… I didn’t use!!! So no matter what it will be ok.

I thought recovery was about not using drugs but that’s just stopping. Recovery is about living a normal life, coping and having the tools when you feel you’re not coping. 


If all I heard was messages about life being amazing in early days I probably wouldn’t have believed it was possible. If I heard someone say it’s better than before but at times it’s hard but I have a way to deal with it and I’m clean… That I can believe and that makes me hopeful!


So if you’re having a bad time, be it a day week or month.If you’re struggling with addiction, mental health or your kids driving you bonkers… Keep going, talk and remember things never stay the same.

Two days after the weekend mark and I were back in the swing of things, the kids have been good and I feel calm. If I can do it, so can you!!




L x 


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