For clubs who know it’s about more than just a game…

We share our message with clubs, to help them understand addiction & mental health risks and look after their wellbeing.

Most importantly, we use the unique team environment to facilitate a culture of mutual support and openness between players, so that they can help and take care of each other on and off the pitch.

Our service enables players, parents and other stakeholders to make well-informed decisions, resulting in a stronger, healthier team.

From boot room talks, training sessions or even online team sessions we have a number of ways to deliver our message.

We can work with players, coaches or parents.

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The WHYSUP Presentation opened my eyes on addiction. When I thought of addiction I would only usually think drink or drugs, but there can be so many more addictions. Gambling, social media, computer games. Mark and Liam telling us what they had been through is something that will always stick in my mind. I’m looking forward to the next time they are in the club.

Moss Bank, JFC U16’s player 

Mark and Liam’s passion, belief and drive in what they are doing goes way beyond a business, also their willingness to carry on learning themselves and listen to other people’s ideas, is why I am looking forward to working with them for many years to come.

Chairman, Astley Bridge Junior Football Club

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    Working with students, staff and parents to deliver an engaging real world education.

    We use the team environment to help players and key stakeholders support each other.

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