by | Aug 9, 2019 | Mark and Liam

I first met Maya early 2019. 

Liam had been going to visit her for a couple of weeks and was telling me about this ‘amazing women’ he had been seeing. 

As powerful as Liam relaying her back story was, I just thought it was another nutritionist/PT. Oh well I’ll give it a go. 

At the time I went to see Maya my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms were in a flare and in all honesty, I was starting get worn out.

I was pleasantly surprised on with what I got from my first session with Maya. First off how welcome she made me feel and secondly the detailed questions she asked me about my illness. She didn’t treat my illness as ‘one size fits all’ like most do. 

She gave me some excellent feedback on what I could do straight away but she also said she wants to go away and research my illness that little bit more…to which she did. 

The second time I met Maya she has been away and research everything about my illness. She had even rung a doctor in Italy to discuss my case. She made me feel like she cared, and I wasn’t just another client. 

For the first few weeks I made some small changes and discussed with Maya what was and wasn’t working. If something wasn’t, we made small changes. 

I’m now 5 months into seeing Maya and the result is I feel much better, both mentally and physically. 

With Maya I don’t look at her as a nutritionist. I see her as a friend. 

Sometimes I go to see Maya not because I want to lose weight or have a better body. But to feel better mentally. 

Both my mental health and physical health have improved under the guidance of Maya. 

I believe that demonstrates how wonderful she is at her joband as a person. 

Mark x

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