Sponsor a Whysup Service

In 4 years, we have delivered vital free services within education, along with groups sessions in the community and given out important recognition awards to young people locally! This was made possible with kind donations from our supporters.

All donations big and small are utilised within our community and support work.

Below is how we could use your donation but any amount is welcome:

  • £50 – recognition award for a young person locally
  • £200 – virtual awareness session
  • £300 – Community wellbeing session for approx. 20 people
  • £400 – year group presentation
  • £600 – half a day in a school
  • £600 – 12 hrs private one to one remote counselling (1 night a week)
  • £1520pm – Support line (4 nights per week)

N.B. If you wish to nominate a school or person along with your donation please send us a message.

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