Limited Edition “Resilience” Black Hoodie


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Whysup in Collaboration with ‘Non A Me’ introduce Project Resilience. Two brands, same values… Merchandise with a meaning!

Resilience is something that everyone has had to show in recent years and something we can all learn!

Here’s what Non A Me had to say about their design;

This super-heavyweight concoction owes itself to three key ingredients, Elbow’s ‘Lippy Kids’, ‘The Chimp Paradox’ (by Professor Steve Peters), and a tale of Ham The Astrochimp. All stars in our eyes.  

If we only look once in our lifetime at a chart of evolution, for just one moment, thinking exactly where we descend from. To have survived, adapted and grown as a species upon this tiny spec… the only one in all the solar system known to host life. By definition alone, we are unique. That we are here, we have an opportunity. No matter how crowded or clouded sometimes a moment can feel, that’s the reality. We are resilient by nature.

Homer Hickam once said, “a rocket won’t fly unless somebody lights the fuse”.

Here’s to your booster. 

As always, funds from sales of our merchandise will be used to finance our support line and awards for young people locally.

Premium Black hoodie with an oversized fit.

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