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I wanted a diet, I wanted to lose weight fast and I didn’t think anyone would be able to tell me about being healthy.

Despite my addiction, I had experience of training hard,fought at a decent level, cut weight and had a good idea of what healthy food was.

However in recovery even though I was training, I felt tired, my weight had increased and I was getting fed up with how I felt and looked.

I went to see Maya as a family member had told me they lost weight with her and I went for this one reason. I was willing to commit to a diet and wanted a quick result.

When I got there I was surprised at how much Maya wanted to know about my life, routine, recovery and objectives. This wasn’t what I expected from a crash diet!!

I was also comforted by her own story and reason for doing what she does… this isn’t learnt from a book its one person who lived through an experience and has decided to help others as a result.

Some what frustratingly at first, I learnt Maya doesn’t advocate a crash diet, she isn’t focussed on only your weight alone and wanted to understand your current state of wellbeing.

Despite the fact I left without a crash diet, I did leave with a feeling that this person was going to help me and I trusted her so did exactly as I was told – I would strongly recommend this as she is a feisty Italian ha ha!!!

Over the coming weeks I was there often, I shared my progress with the nutrition plan but also how I felt, what was going on in my day to day life and we occasionally measured my progress.

I was going to write, “To my surprise” but that would be a lie, I wasn’t surprised at all, on some level I knew I was making progress, I was feeling better and the periods of fatigue had dramatically reduced. 

I didn’t feel like I was on a diet and I felt supported, not only with nutrition but with everything. At times I actually felt like I had a mentor and a good one at that!

Over a period of time I stopped looking at my weight andfocussed more on how I felt.

I have learned a lot and in particular the fact that it’s ok to have a break, progress is sustained when it is made gradually and above all else how I feel and think plays a massive part in how I feel about my weight.

Being an addict through and through these are important things for me to learn, apply and help me in my recovery massively.

But above all else I have learned I have an amazing lady to call a friend who will help me when I need it!

Thank you Maya 

L x

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