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From being a young lad exercise has been a big part of life. Mainly through football. 

At the age of 28 I was off to rehab, overweight, mentally unfit and with other health issues. My addiction had battered me into the ground. 

Whilst in rehab I was diagnosed with an illness that I’ve found very difficult to live with. Mentally I wanted to get fit again. The gambling had gone, and I wanted to look after myself. 

Unfortunately, my health has held that up and I’ve found it very difficult to exercise. This is something that has had a huge impact on my mental health. Even in the dark days of my gambling addiction, I still managed to drag myself to the gym or to play football. 

So that’s what I’ve done the last 2 months. I’ve gritted my teeth and fought back and dragged myself back to the gym and back playing football. 

I’ve also recently been training at CrossFit anonymity. This is a CrossFit group that offers free training to anyone in recovery or has struggled with mental health problems.  Shinny who is the driving force behind this and is someone we respect as a man (and in recovery). 

CrossFit, Yoga (with a quality teacher Nicola) and mediation has been something that’s been mega for my mind body spirit. 

If you want to know more then get in touch. 

Sometimes we must dig deep and try to work through tough times. 

Exercise is something that’s lifted me the last few months. 

If I can do it, so can you!!

Mark x

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