Published in Mark and Liam on May 01, 2019 by WHYSUP 

Probably the thing we don’t acknowledge, avoid discussingand try to minimise at every opportunity. But also probably one of the mostcommon and unavoidable things we all have to deal with!!

In an age where everyone want to show you their ‘best life’via various social media channels we can all feel under pressure to sound, lookand act a certain way. We compare and measure ourselves to others and can beleft feeling somewhat inferior and insecure.

Mark and I do videos, pictures and even speak in public buteach of us have things we are insecure about and possibly not that surprisinglya lot centres on how we look and body image. We are self-aware and often self-critical.

But who talks about it? Very few, if any, people of note.

So we decided to change it. We decided we would do a YouTubevideo on insecurities, we didn’t share what we were going to say with eachother and I think both felt uncomfortable. Personally I felt I was about toshare another bit of me that no one knew and it was uncomfortable.

Not so surprisingly both of us shared about being insecurearound body image, specifically weight, appearance and for me hair loss. Isthat unusual? I doubt it.

In fact I think it is probably more evident than everamongst men in today’s society but I believe we lag behind the women in sayingit, doing anything about it and accepting it.

But that negative thought process left untreated can becomedraining and effect a person’s day to day life, taking a toll on how you feeland wellbeing.

So get it out!!! Say it, share it and as well as helpingyourself, you will probably make someone else feel normal as they have had thesame issue.

Of course it is uncomfortable but so is that voice in yourhead…

So WHYSUP!! We all have things we don’t like or worry about,its normal and the more we talk about it the smaller the problem becomes.

Like we always say if we can do it…. SO CAN YOU!!!

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