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So after a really positive few weeks and some attention vialocal press and social channels we noticed a few comments…


Some referring to us as role models, influencers or evenrecovery ambassadors. The majority I’m thankful to say were positive but of coursethey were some negative.


I believe that these comments further demonstrate the needfor services like ours. It is exactly this negative and judgemental type ofview that stopped issues being discussed openly for so long.


And for the record we never consider ourselves role modelsor ambassadors but the term influencers is an interesting one…


I think the term has a different meaning today, usuallyreferencing someone who has really polished social channels, lots of followersand usually spends much of the time plugging things they are paid for. So arewe one of these… NO NO NO!

But do we have an opportunity to influence good decisions,better judgement and positive action? YES YES YES!


We make no bones about the fact we got things wrong, we arequite open about where it took us but that’s the point, it is exactly thesefacts that give the ability to talk first hand.


We have also had to do a lot of work personally to changeand can discuss the process and show it’s possible!


Not everyone will love us, not all will like our work but toanyone who doesn’t understand DM us – I will try to get you to watch us inaction and then I believe you will not question the positive message we putacross!


And lastly, in all honesty when we have young people andadults reach out to seek help, to have a conversation they may never have hadotherwise or to say how much we have helped it makes all the negative commentsseem simply insignificant!! 



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