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We’re Mark and Liam.

We’re best mates, addicts in recovery, and the founders of WHYSUP – a company that is dedicated to reducing and resolving the devastating impacts that addiction and mental illness has on Individuals, Organisations and Communities.

We met over 20 years ago at school where we remained close friends, and where, despite having plenty of love and opportunity around us, we were each exposed to things that would lead to addictions.

Like most teenagers leaving school though, we grew apart for a time, in pursuit of seemingly different paths.

Years after leaving school, despite appearing to make headway in our adult lives and developing successful careers for ourselves, we had each reached a familiar point in an addicts’ journey: where the physical, mental and emotional impacts of our addictions were too extreme for anyone to tolerate – including our Families, Friends and Workplaces.

By the time we reconnected, we had collectively experienced homelessness, unemployment and extreme danger because of our addictions. And we knew that we had to end the habits that were running our lives or face the unthinkable.

To learn more about Whysup and our mission, view our brochure that gives an overview of what we do.

For more information about our Wellbeing with Whysup program, view this page or download our brochure here.

Why we started whysup

We know the devastation that is caused by mental illness and addiction, raising awareness and understanding can be lifesaving.


Since then, our lives have been filled with more twists and turns than a Netflix drama series. But for the sake of your eyes and mind, we’ll give you the short version here. If you’d like to hear the full version or know how our experiences can help your organisation, get in touch.

Supporting each other through recovery was key to where we are today. Living together, we spoke in-depth about our lives as addicts, and we inspired each other to live better, wiser and to stay strong during the toughest times. This is where we laid the foundations of WHYSUP.


As WHYSUP, we have spoken to over 40,000 people. We cover far more than just addiction and helping others underpins everything we do. 

Whether its face to face or virtual, working with young people or senior business teams we love our work!

We have established a support line to help those who reach out and took enough selfies for a lifetime!

Yes, we have had to adapt, but our passion and determination has never faltered.

We would love to work with you, if there is anything you need to know simply get in touch…

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    “Whysup have delivered several sessions for Manchester schools and each session has been really well received. Both Mark and Liam are very professional, but also very open about their lives and their passion to help raise awareness of addiction really comes across in their work.

    Following a successful introductory session and due to requests from schools, we asked Whysup to deliver further sessions for both schools and also those who work with children within Education at Manchester City Council. Due to Covid restrictions, we were unable to offer a face to face venue for an event, however they were really flexible and adapted to a different method of delivery by offering a virtual session. It has been great working with Whysup and we look forward to working with them in the future. “

    – Sheena Thornley (nee Wadhera), Senior Quality Assurance Officer

    “Mark and Liam’s passion, belief and drive in what they are doing goes way beyond a business, also their willingness to carry on learning themselves and listen to other people’s ideas, is why I am looking forward to working with them for many years to come.”

    – Paul Robinson, Chairman Astley Bridge Junior Football Club

    “They involved us in all aspects, of the development of their service and they fully appreciated and valued our perspective. They were sensitive to the needs of our students and it is apparent that they are forever mindful of their objective to raise awareness and to fully engage young people.

    It is clear that this is more than a just a job, it is their mission, their calling. They are passionate about what they do and are eager to make sustained changes to create a brighter future for our young people. I believe we an excellent relationship with Whysup and I sincerely hope this continues, as they develop their business”

    – Tonino Passarello, Director Thornleigh 6th Form

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